17 February, 2011

Paring back

I started Fred and Cissy as a fun way of labelling some of the things that I made for my family for Christmas.  From there the idea of making things for sale under the label quickly grew.  I reasoned that it would be a good way of using up my stash, dreamt up a product range based on crafty items I'd made previously and found to be fun / useful / attractive, and enjoyed the thought that others might like some of my creations as much as I do.  I even bought a few supplies, registered the business name and started work on a website.

But the truth is I'm already way too busy, and when I look at my stash I want to go out and by more fabric to 'fill in the gaps' to make the products I have in mind.  So I've put it on the backburner.  Bummer really.  I'd just about finished my first monogramed notebook cover.  But in the end my sanity and my family are more important than my ego and 'using up' my stash.

I might get back to it, or I might not, but for now if you want to know what I'm up to you can look me up at Craft on my mind.

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03 February, 2011

Gathering inspiration for a new project

Right now I'm gathering inspiration for some new projects, so watch this space!

Here's some tasters of projects from the past which are influencing my thoughts...